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Rubeus + Populus → Rubeus (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 05th June 2016


Astrogem geomancy is used by those of us who are, and who want to be, in tune with life and with what is going on in the world around them. We want to find a way to express our uniqueness in the world.

This week’s casting shows that it is time to develop and use your skills and talents in the real world.

You have thought through matters enough. Now you need to Test — Grow — and Test those ideas again. Theory and planning were fine. Now it’s time to put them into practice.

Rubeus in the fourth house (Leo) is going to get reflected by the full moon of Populus in the fifth house (Virgo) to give a modified image of itself as the Active Transform Rubeus (2) in the sixth house (Libra).

Both the transformational nature of Rubeus and the tipping point presented by Populus suggest that this will be the time when an important change can be made.

You’ve been ‘feeling’ and ‘thinking’ for a long time. But enough is enough. You’ve been sailing around the harbour for long enough. Now is the time to test your ideas by making ready to sail out to sea.



What you thought was just for your private use and to be applied in the home is — or should be — taken out and developed in real-world applications. This may mean that you feel a little uncomfortable about letting your precious baby take a few steps on its own. But this is going to be the only way to make your ideas stronger and help them grow.

The Flow indicates that this is the time! This is the opportune moment! [Hat tip to Capt. Jack Sparrow for that.] 🙂

If you are sufficiently developed you will probably not need me to tell you all this. You will already be feeling restless and have a desire to fly the nest. This restlessness is your potential change manifesting as a feeling. Let that restless urge propel you.

While you may not yet feel ready to sail the whole ocean, you do need to start getting a thorough shakedown. You need to make sure that things actually work under real life conditions.


Take control of your Destiny


Here are some ideas that might help…

I suggest you use this opportunity in one of two ways. (If you really are intent on self-development and showing the world your uniqueness then you might want to try both of these approaches.)

  1. Take… No, make the opportunity to test whatever you think the weak points are in your ideas at the moment. Ask a friend. Sound people out. Give it a go in a safe environment. Just see how it turns out and what you can learn from the experience. Think of it as dipping a toe in the water just to get real information on its temperature.
  2. You could also start using the bulk of what you already know is very likely to be acceptable and what is likely to work. When it does work it will give you the confidence to try the bit that you’re less sure of. Think of this approach this way: You’ve already waded out into the water up to your neck, you might as well go the whole hog and get your hair wet now. In for a penny, and all that.

Let others see how good you can be — and how good you already are. While change may feel a little awkward at first you will be able to keep both your head and your heart true. The only things holding you back are your feelings. And your feelings will change once you start to see what you can do.

Let me know how you get on.



There was one Rogue this week, Puer:

Do what you care about.

Show you care by what you do.




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Thank you.


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