How Much Do You Want It?

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Caput Draconis + Amissio → Puer (234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th May 2019

Happy Beltane, everyone! It’s the first day of Summer when the Sun moves to the exact point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Here’s hoping it’s not quite as hot a summer as last year, but happy to benefit from the life-giving energy provided by our nearest star!


This week gives you the opportunity to make a commitment. It’s a test. And it’s interesting.

Caput Draconis in the eighth house (Scorpio) shows that the flame of inspiration is burning brightly in your mind. You have a vision or dream of where you want to be. This is something you want to bring into existence.

The Pars Draconii is also in the eighth house. This has you mulling over the possibilities but boiling with energy in terms of trying to make a decision. Will you commit? How much do you want this?

For what it’s worth, the answer is not going to be easy. If you want to bring your dreams into reality it will certainly take effort. The flipside is that if you give up you will regret it. So which is going to be bigger: the pain of getting out of your comfort zone or the pain of remorse? The only consolation you have is that it will be your choice. (Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!)

Amissio in the third house (Gemini) indicates that this decision to commit is not a simple one. It’s not a straightforward or single ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It’s not like flicking on a switch. Moving forward is going to require multiple decisions and probablyon an ongoing basis. It’s going to require that you change, that you move, that you adapt.

You’ll likely need to come up with new plans and ideas. You’ll probably also need to put in effort with no immediate guarantees of success.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (234) in the 10th house (Capricorn). It’s clear: if you want to move forward you will need to dig deep to find the resources within yourself. It’s not going to be easy — but it will be worth it!

That said, if you choose not to go ahead then that also is your choice. And nobody can take that away from you — or make the choice for you.

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, May, 2019, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

How Much Do You Want It, Morgan Mcbride, Unsplash, (CC0)

Flow is asking you the question: is it worth paying the price?

You can see how high you’ll need to climb and how much effort is required.

You know it will require you to get further information.

You know you will need to change your approach.

You know you will not see much in the way of results, at least in the short-term.

The question then is not if you want it, but whether you want it enough.

So… how much do you want it?

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