Getting Cooperation

Amissio + Fortuna Minor → Conjunctio (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th October 2021

Success! The weather has been perfect today. A short walk brought us to a gossamer covered field with a lovely Lime tree. There was just enough wind to bring down the occasional leaf… The Goddess has been Touched!

Les, Touching the Goddess


Andrea, Touching the Goddess


Amissio in the 7th house (Pisces) starts off the Casting with an interesting commentary of Flow. We see both harmony and difference at the same time. Your ideas and the actions of others are not quite aligned. That said, you do both want the same kind of outcome. How odd! You are both right, but in different ways. You are simply coming at things from different directions. How can this be resolved?

You will probably find that it helps not to get too wrapped up in personalities. Avoid pointing fingers and blaming. You don’t need to take a stand or to insist. The essence of Flow this week is about cooperation. It’s best to seek it by looking for alternative approaches.

Fortuna Minor in the 2nd house (Libra) shows very clearly the way you can explore these alternatives. The most useful way out of any differences in approach or understanding is to look for the overall emotional needs of the situation. What does that mean, exactly?

It means that so long as you look to satisfy the emotions in the situation and the goal you will be able to see several different ways forward.

The tangled knot can be cut in several ways, but you must use an emotional knife!

While mental and practical perspectives may differ, how people feel about the situation is largely the same. If you can accurately key into the emotions that you all have in common then you will be able to share the same perspective. Any stumbling block of how you deal with things in practice can then be resolved.

The Pars Venusii this week is in the 8th house (Aries). This indicates another way to smooth out any difficulties: Ensure that you bury the dead! Ensure that any similarity between what you need to do now and what you did in the past is purely coincidental.

This is not simply a cosmetic change or spin you put on the situation. You are likely to find that some of what was done or mentioned in the past might be useful. It just needs sandpapering with goodwill to make sure it fits now.


Getting Cooperation,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (13) in the 8th house (Aries). This suggests that when you hit the right note with others you will ensure a solid working partnership with them in a spirit of practical communication.

Put more simply, you will be able to work cooperatively even if you have different perspectives. You can create the practical results you seek if you speak a common emotional language. The thoughts that are shared are more inspired and more likely to produce long term results.


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