Follow The Clues

Laetitia + Fortuna Minor → Rubeus (1)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th February 2022

There is Flow towards more intuitive impressions this week. You will be likely getting a lot of quiet prompts which you be able to use to your advantage.

Laetitia in the 8th house (Virgo) points to you sensitively feeling your way in several intuitive matters. Listen to your intuition. You are likely, too, to be dealing with some radical or deep-rooted beliefs or practices. When you put these under the microscope you may be surprised at what you find. Not all is as it seems on the surface. Your intuition will guide you if all the pieces don’t quite fit.

You may find indications that someone has tried to cover up, hide or otherwise camouflage their intents from you. But you are likely to see through such nonsense simply. A good place to start unravelling motives is by asking for all the facts of the situation.

Beware of people and explanations which try to lull or placate you. Stay alert and get the facts and details. Don’t let slippery fish try to wriggle off the hook.

Actively seek the links. Look for patterns. Shine a light in dark places.

Let finding the feeling of what is going on be the starting thread of your adventures and intuition this week…

Fortuna Minor in the 10th house (Scorpio) indicates that once you have found that starting thread you can then follow the trail. One fact or instance will not stand on its own. It forms only one part in a chain of events or circumstances. Simply follow wherever the clues lead.

You are likely to find or notice strong responses from others. This will be particularly so from those who feel themselves to have some control of the situation. Look to see who is helping you and who is hindering.

You are likely to be able to decide the overall direction of the action if you simply stay calm and persist.


Follow The Clues, Pikrepo, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (1) in the 12th house (Capricorn). To truly capitalise in Flow this week you will need to open up your intuition and to explore your own motives.

Be practical and pragmatic and ensure your efforts are worth the goal.

The Pars Neptunii in the 11th house (Sagittarius) gives some very useful advice here: Listen to the counsel of others whom you trust. It does not matter if they do not know or understand all the details of your circumstances or the whole picture.

They can help with the emotional elements in your life at the moment, even without knowing (all) the facts and details. Therefore, seek out those with your best interests at heart. Listen to their advice as it will offer a perspective not clouded by closeness to the situation.

Then decide and act.


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