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Mercury today 2

A rare apparition and well worth getting out early for… This was the planet Mercury taken at 0557 this morning:   Mercury is best observed in the spring or autumn when it has the best height and inclination of axis relative to the Earth. I’ve been fascinated by Mercury for […]

Have You Got A ‘Geomantic Accent’?

For this week’s Astrogem Geomantic Horoscope click HERE or scroll down below. Malcolm has a problem with Seraphinite. He emailed me recently to ask if there was an alternative he could use for his Astrogem Advisors (aka, his gemstones). “I was wondering if there is an alternative to Seraphinite as the […]

Moving At The Speed Of Life

 (Photo courtesy of Scott Liddell) It seems like only yesterday, but it’s been twenty years since I studied for my advanced driving test. One of the things I had to do was to give a running commentary on what I was doing, what I noticed and what I was were going […]

Finding lost objects 2

So here we are with another opportunity for geomancy to provide us with inspiration.  This time my wife and I wanted to find a lost portable CD player so that my mother-in-law could listen to a sleep CD. . . Of course, we’d looked in all the usual and obvious […]

Finding lost objects

I should say at the start that I don’t normally use divination to locate lost objects. I do understand, of course, that it was one of the main purposes of divination in ancient times.  However, I thought it would be interesting to have a go in order to see what […]