The Nature Of Progress

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Caput Draconis + Via → Laetitia (234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 7thth May 2017


On the face of it, this week seems like a good time to make simple and straightforward progress, that is provided you take a purely astrological point of view.

Puer finds itself in the house and sign it rules — the first house (Aries). This is packed with action and with you doing things. There should be no shortage of energy and of quick impulsive actions leading you forward in a determined way to achieve your results this week.

Puella in the 12th house (Pisces) is in Exaltation bringing out some of the finest sensitive, feminine, artistic and lovely qualities it possesses. And with the Active Transform of Conjunctio (124) we seem to have a simple progression of male action, female reception and childish, mercurial expression. It seems to be a clear case of progression from father to mother to child.

As we are not looking at a purely astrological interpretation, however, the geomantic interpretation will take you much deeper — and in a way much more useful for you!

Puer here is not only concerned with action but also with your future actions. The need will be to get your resources together for the journey ahead. Naturally, this will involve some effort. But this effort is lightened because you have an increasingly clear sense of direction. In other words, you are clear about the path you want and need to follow, which makes selecting what you need for the journey easier.

Puella’s influence later in the week indicates that there are several emotional undercurrents to your actions, however. Given that the Pars Martii is in the second house it should be no surprise that there are some hidden agendas floating around. Underpinning any forward movement in your plans you are likely to find the need for gain, financially or emotionally. Somebody is out to own something! They will probably be keeping their true feelings to themselves and reveal only smiles, unicorns and rainbows on the surface.

As and when you recognise these people you don’t need to ‘call them out’ on it though. Simply use the positive side of their interest as it suits your purposes (hey, two can play at that game, right?) So long as you know what you’re getting into you will be fine. Just keep your eyes open.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (124) in the 11th house (Aquarius). Flow suggests that moving forward is not going to be a simple process of  action—support—results that a purely astrological interpretation provides. It is more like: identify your future needs and resources; find support and assistance from those currently willing to offer it and ultimately realise that you are working for a greater good.

You should be aware of both the possibilities of forward motion for you at the moment but also that you need to keep your wits about you to notice any undercurrents of change of circumstance.


Consider the wider picture Maxpixel (CC0)

Be aware that the time is right for progress but that this progress is not unconditional. In other words be prepared for the support of others to disappear. (That is really the message of the preparation and strength of resource you have at the start of the week.)

The message of the Active Transform then is to not focus on yourself so much. Surprisingly if you try to do so you will find that the situation becomes very complex, very quickly.

Instead focus on the hearts and minds of others. But not just any others… Focus less on ‘Individual and Close others’ such as family, friends or group and more on ‘Every others’: your whole audience, the population and the world.

Keep clear of entangling emotions and instead set your sights to the horizon and beyond.

Don’t dive amid deep dangers. Set sail serenely instead.


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