Using A Saw, Not A Scalpel

Yesterday I did something scary: I posted a Casting about Brexit! The Prime Minister is due to make an announcement about it this Tuesday and officially start the process at the end of March. It seemed that this would be a good opportunity for me to make a prediction as […]

Brexit, Astrogem, Geomancy

A Question Of Brexit 4

The UK Prime Minister is in the process of considering the negotiating process to be used in Britain’s exit from the European Union (‘Brexit’). She is scheduled to make an announcement about the UK’s negotiating approach in four days’ time (Tuesday 17th January). The full details of the strategy may […]

Work With Other Big Lions, Not Cubs

  It’s time to step up your game (pun intended) this week. If you are working with Flow and can sense the subtle changes you might be able to feel a change in intensity rather than in direction this week. Specifically, it’s not so much that you will need to […]

Strong Enough To Listen

  If you are a geomancer or a follower of the Sun’s progress through the heavens, then your New Year will have started at Yule — happy New Year for last week. If you work to the Gregorian calendar then I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017! Whichever you […]

A Christmas Break

Today is Christmas day so I’m taking a little break from the usual Casting today. Instead I want to share a video with you — and about you. It’s about the introduction of wolves back into Yellowstone park and the influence it has had on the area. (But there’s more […]