The Pond

  This week provides you with a new way forward. And Tristitia in the 12th is likely to do this in a way that is not ‘straightforward’. What won’t be a surprise is that you are feeling as though you are not quite connecting start of the week. Subconsciously you […]

A pond in Yaroslavl Oblast, near Ignatovo village.
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Getting Practical Feedback

  In terms of getting what you want this week you will benefit from getting the feedback from others. Caput Draconis in the first house (Taurus) suggests that you have doubtless got some very clear ideas about what you want and where you want to go. The problem at the […]

A ‘Lesser Man’ Would Only Flourish

  The two parent geomes are the same this week, Fortuna Major. This shows that the Flow is Continuing. Specifically, you are likely to see some common themes emerging in your plans and actions with others. You are likely to be feeling the need to grow and push out at […]

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Expanding Our Idea Of Earth

  As everyone who reads this website knows, Geomancers perform divinations by the signs and symbols of the Earth. Traditionally, the concept of Earth was ‘elemental’ – the things in and on the physical plane itself (and with those things affecting the physical plane). I’m deliberately staying away from the […]

Deflecting The Knife 2

  Rubeus is in the eighth house and in its natural sign of Scorpio this week. It is also square to the second geome Puer in the fifth (Leo). This suggests that you might  feel frustration building as the week progresses. This, combined with a contracting flow, indicates a possibility […]

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