Skating On Thin Ice

  You are likely to have some very creative thoughts this week. And Amissio in the fifth house (Pisces) will give you a lot of opportunity to show off your ideas. You will likely feel inspired by your own thoughts and you will likely be mixing with people who will […]

Skating on thin Ice - Andrepmeyer Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Way Of The Sensitive

The Way Of The Sensitive

  This week Via in the first house (Scorpio) indicates that almost anything is possible in your plans. Because the aspect between the geomes is a sextile this is a very fortunate placement as uncertainty gives way to opportunity. There are a number of options open to you and almost […]

Walking Into The Mist

  It is becoming clearer who is on your side and who seems to be obstructing progress. Puer in the first house (Scorpio) shows that you will be putting in the necessary time and effort to make things happen this week. You seem to have all the tools and energy […]

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Full Steam Ahead For Love

  Over in Florida Robert has just given his first Astrogem reading. Both he and his sitter were pleased with it as you can see — well done Robert! He now becomes the newest member of the 1600.     If you would like to join us and become one […]

Shadows And Echoes

  To see this as a time when things come to a standstill would be a mistake. Nothing in Flow ever stops. The process of causes turning into effects is ceaseless. Tomorrow is Samhain, the festival and celebration of Death in its widest sense. Whilst many celebrate this on 31st […]

The last day of the harvest, F R Unterberger, [Public Domain]