Putt It Another Way

  The presence of Cauda Draconis in the 12th house (Capricorn) this week is likely to be producing in you the feeling of wanting to be free. It’s almost like you feel a leaden weight on your shoulders. Things seem to be dragging, but you’re not sure why. All you […]

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Seeking Fundamental Change

Powerful forces are shaping up within Flow this week. Gentle influences mingle with strong forces to produce an actively changing situation. Given the way Flow produced the end of a cycle last week, this week you are likely to feel a need to find your feet and to start create […]


Final, complete, total — the end of the cycle. This can be the only real conclusion of the Casting this week. Populus was the first geome and the second geome cast. The addition of these two gives us the Active Transform Populus in the same house (the 11th) and sign […]

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How To Win A Tug o’ War

  This week Puella in the seventh house (Cancer) gives you your first indication that much of your time, energy and attention will be taken up this week with relationships in some form or another. It seems that you want closeness — but what kind? It would be wonderful for […]

Time For An Un-think

  Some people are trying too hard with what’s not working this week. Conjunctio in the sixth house (Gemini) shows that from a purely astrological approach we would be thinking of Mercury as producing a buzz of communication in a fast-moving environment. Looking at the influence geomantically, however, we can […]