Touching The Hair Of The Goddess

  You’re not too late if you want to try…   Catch a leaf as it falls from a tree. Hold it for a moment and look at it. And then let it go.   This was a living thing, untouched by humans until now.  It’s made from carbon dioxide, water, minerals and pure sunlight.  […]

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The Power To Connect

  There is a tremendous channelling of Flow this week.  Whilst the overall level of Flow remains constant it has some very interesting changes of direction. At the moment you may be feeling under a fair amount of pressure.  No, this is nothing to do specifically with the run-up to Yule.  It’s much more to […]

The Dream Sifter

  It seems that you have been letting things build up to a head.  This is all well and good as some plans have taken time to mature.  Now, however, it is time to sort out exactly how you’re going to proceed. This is a time when you can clear out the unworkable dreams from […]

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Just A Small Explosion – Nothing To Worry About

Something a bit different for you this week. An impromptu method of giving readings and then how to use that method to create the weekly casting:   So let’s lay that out nicely…     Well, that was fun!  And how it works on so many levels! So, if you have been following along with […]

Catch The Drift

. This week is all about catching the drift.  The Flow can go in several directions and it will probably only be after the event that you will see that what happened was ‘obvious’.  So, the potential is for this to be a turbulent week unless you manage matters carefully. You’re going to need to […]

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