Work And Relax

This week we see a very clear progression of your efforts to realise your goals. Fortuna Minor in the seventh house (Leo) gives a very promising atmosphere to your working with others. Given that the Pars Solii is in the sixth house (Cancer) it seems that you might have been […]

Channel Your Resources

This week the trine aspect brings positive movement out of what might have otherwise been a more difficult situation. Amissio in the second house (Pisces) suggests that you are feeling a little pulled-out with what you perceive as emotional obligations and commitments. You are likely to feel that you need […]

Static Movement

This is an interesting Casting as it makes an important point about giving readings generally. Sometimes each individual placement gives detail and a unique contribution. At other times, as here, the influences merge together to give a single golden thread of meaning. With that said, the degree and particular meaning […]

A Quick Shift Forward

Cauda Draconis in the 11th house (Scorpio) shows one particular kind of ending. Via in the 12th house (Sagittarius) shows another. Taken together with the Active Transform they show a closing down of one cycle and a sudden springing or opening up of another… A new set of possibilities and […]

Seriously Hopeful

This week you are likely to find yourself facing some challenging Saturnian situations. Carcer, the eighth house, the Pars Saturnii, the Capricorn ascendant and the quincunx aspect all suggest a challenging time on the earthly plane. Carcer in the eighth house (Leo) suggests that you may have to deal with […]