Vision Journey

Amissio in the seventh house (Libra) shows that this week you’re most likely to be concerned with the closeness of bonds. These are the bonds with others that you either have or that you need. At the start of the week you will be increasingly clear on what you need […]

Watching And Thinking

This is a time of action, but action which is directed inward. This does not mean that you should be inactive, but rather that you can substantially benefit from taking an active approach to your thoughts and plans. Fortuna Major in the fifth house (Leo) is in its natural house […]

Reflecting Reflections

It is not often that Castings make you laugh out loud for being obvious! For anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of astrological interpretation the message is very clear. Here are some of the many but obvious key concepts in the Casting so that you can have a go at […]


We’re going to be Positive. Much of the planet is suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 virus in some way or another. It would therefore be silly not to recognise this within the approach to the Casting. Flow continues whether we are going about our daily work or stuck […]

The Magic Ingredient

Now, more than ever, we see how much we are joined by nature. We are joined by our humanity first and by our technology and philosophy afterwards. To those of you suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus I wish you a full and speedy recovery. To those who are […]