Acquisitio in the 11th house (Cancer) shows that deep and long-term friends can be particularly helpful this week. Given the nature of Acquisitio it may be that these are friends you’ve never met. They might be ‘mental friends’ of yours: ideas, hopes and aspirations that you hold dear, for example. […]

Cat’s Cradle

Puella in the fourth house (Scorpio) shows that you have been thinking matters through for some time. Now however you are prompted to say something and to make your thoughts happen in the real world. You know very well that there comes a time when the thinking has to stop […]


Populus in the third house (Libra) shows that this week is likely to produce a paradox: change without change. It is as though we feel the need to change but are reluctant to do so combined with trying to give the appearance of changing yet keeping things the same. Populus […]

Useful Opposition

This week sees and interesting opposition between the two geomes. Caput Draconis in the first house (Leo) shows that much of your focus this week is likely to be devoted to your thoughts for your future. Your plans and how you intend to execute them are likely to need and […]


This week sees both the geomes and the Active Transform in the same house as a conjunction. Conjunctions can be difficult to determine as either positive or negative. But as long as you know the Flow of the time then you can turn it into one or the other… Tristitia […]