Surf Is Rising

Amissio in the second house (Aquarius) shows that your thoughts and plans are likely to be very dear to you this week. So long as you don’t get too fired up you should be able to move things forward. The key is going to be to let your emotions drive […]

A Quick Idea Of What You’re Looking For

Tristitia in the ninth house (Leo) shows that this week is all about making a quick impact. You will find that you’ve already given matters enough thought to enable you to proceed. The key now is the need to practically apply your good ideas. Show how things need to be […]


Astrologically the interpretation is clear: You’ll want to avoid going head to head with obstacles this week. Aries, Moon’s south node, Mars and Capricorn in a square suggests confrontation, stubbornness and a certain dogged ignorance could get in your way… if you let it. We need to look at the […]

Happy Yule! (UPDATED)

As I mentioned last week, this week — today — is Yule. I recorded the last sunset of the solar year yesterday and the first sunrise today. This is what happened: _____________________ I went out a few minutes before sunset in order to get a feel for the atmosphere of […]

Worthwhile Work

Yule will soon be upon us. It occurs at 0419 next Sunday morning, 22nd December. This is the exact moment in the northern hemisphere when we experience the longest night and the shortest day. This makes it the start of the Solar year with the days then getting longer each […]