Monthly archives: November 2019


This week sees the potential for a significant change in your ability to connect with people. Rubeus in the first house (Scorpio) is in its natural sign. This gives it additional power in both its purity and intensity of influence. You can expect a significant sharpening of your thinking with […]

Putting Your Foot Forward

Tristitia in the fourth house (Aquarius) suggests a degree of change and uncertainty in what you’re trying to achieve this week. This placement would normally suggest that the changes were going to be in — or at — home, but with the Pars Uranii, being in the 10th house (Leo) […]

Develop And Refine

This week sees a conjunction of the geomes in the sixth house (Pisces). Look out for temptations and distractions and others trying to insist on their way. None of that matters. Here’s what does… Aquisitio in the sixth house (Pisces) shows that this is a time when you might be […]


This week sees a very strong message from Flow. You are likely to find it applying in several areas of your life and to various extents… Rubeus in the fifth house (Aquarius) is going to produce some pretty unconventional thinking for you. Given that it is in the fifth house […]