Monthly archives: February 2020

Core Reflections

There is a new moon this afternoon so you may be already feeling the effects of this Casting in the physical world… This week sees a particularly powerful conjunction of the geomes in the sixth house (Cancer). Via in the sixth house is conjunct with Fortuna Major. This means that […]

Purify And Act

The Casting this week seems very specific. There are doubtless layers of interpretation which can be added, but the overall impression is so strong that it would be an injustice to shy away from it. The feeling is that while, perhaps, relatively few may directly benefit from it they are […]

Blow Away The Cobwebs

This week Flow involves taking the initiative. Cauda Draconis in the 11th house (Sagittarius) is strongly suggesting that you move away from the old way of doing things. It says that you should capitalise on events and circumstances which are different, even if they seem a little unusual at first. […]

Into The Groove

Fortuna Minor in the 11th house (Scorpio) shows your intention or need to rely on old hopes and dreams. The Flow between the geomes suggests, however, that while this might be a good starting point, it is not going to get you where you want to be. The way to […]