Yearly archives: 2022

Keep A Look Out

Flow seems to be metaphorically passing through a high-sided ravine this week… fast and deep waters and high rocks on both sides. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for both falling rocks and submerged dangers while you paddle a central course. Laetitia in the 2nd house (Sagittarius) indicates that […]

No Stone Unturned

  Thanks go out to Mary Alice in New Mexico for this week’s photos of the Lunar Eclipse:   Thank you, ma’am!   This week is a time of great opportunity… and it is only at this moment of writing up this Casting that the extra significance of the geomes […]

Stoke The Fire

On Monday we went out to Westonbirt Arboretum to see if we could touch some leaves. We were quite successful, as you can see. A great day out!     Puella in the 6th house (Pisces) shows that you are likely to see and feel some changing external circumstances, most […]

Broad Feeling, Deep Understanding

This week Astrogemantus (19) Ed P. from Connecticut, USA had heeded this year’s call to Touch the Hair of the Goddess and sent me this photo of a leaf he caught. (Thanks, Ed, much appreciated).     My beloved and I will be heading out to Westonbirt Arboretum to try […]

Working On It

Populus in the 3rd house (Sagittarius) indicates that, in some matters at least, you have gone as far as you need to go. Everything has been thought through and you are as ready as you’ll ever be—or at least as you need to be. (That last part turns out to […]