Touching The Hair Of The Goddess

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The hair of the goddess


You’re not too late if you want to try…


Catch a leaf as it falls from a tree.

Hold it for a moment and look at it.

And then let it go.


This was a living thing, untouched by humans until now.  It’s made from carbon dioxide, water, minerals and pure sunlight.  It had grown up, developed and now it’s done its job of feeding the tree.

Now starts the next part of the cycle – to act as food for microorganisms, enriching the soil and producing compost for next year’s growth.

But just for a moment you touched it, and in the process you interacted with Gaia.




The goddess’s hair, streaming in the wind, released a single thread – and you touched it.

Nobody else has had that privilege before and no one will again.  Not with that leaf anyway.

Just you and just in that moment.  Your life and the life of the tree.  In the life of the world.


For best results, pick a day when the wind is picking up after a period of calm.  The leaves should have loosened a bit from their twigs and the rising wind will produce more fallers than otherwise.

This is my leaf.  I took this photo and then released it near where the others had fallen.


My leaf

My leaf


I was lucky to get it.  I had tried earlier this year but without success.  Then I saw some leaves come down and I thought I’d give it a last go before Yule.  I’m glad I did.

You may have to wait a little to catch your leaf, but that’s not a bad practice for a geomancer.

Here’s a video I took shortly afterwards.  (Show your patience by not fast forwarding to just the last few moments!)



Gaia will not be hurried.

Touching the hair of the goddess is worth waiting for.

Once.  Now.  And never again.


until next year…


Now it’s your turn.  Tell us how you get on.



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