Catch The Spark

Carcer in the fifth house (Libra) is often a sign of contradictions. Given the trine aspect between the geomes, however, it’s more likely that you will simply be engaged in a bit of a balancing act this week — at least to start with. As the forces in your life […]

Behind Closed Doors

Can you keep up with me saying the same thing in different ways? We’ll see… We often think of closed doors as being bad or restrictive things. This week however shows that this is not always the case. Amissio in the 10th house (Aquarius) gives you a different perspective. The […]

Going Deeper

Please note: The Casting gets increasingly deep into your psyche as it goes on. This is not just a metaphor. It’s a practical demonstration of the kind of thinking and feeling needed to make the most of Flow this week. If you can follow the Casting you’ll benefit most from […]

Waiting In The Wings

Yes, waiting in the wings this week. Not nervously, but rather as the culmination of all your preparation so far. This is you waiting and needing to show others what you can do. Laetitia in the 10th house (Aquarius) indicates that you have been working with some fairly unconventional ideas. […]

Give Yourself A Haircut

Fortuna Minor in the 11th house (Pisces) is an interesting placement. It shows a need and desire to translate something which is quite undefined into something concrete. Specifically, there is a need to examine some of the methods and techniques that you’ve been using to improve matters in your ‘outer […]