Here are some people who I’ve found to be useful in either Astrogem or by providing some other service or advice:

ppe3e42a54     DKW Crystals

Dave and Liz at DKW Crystals will sort out your gemstone needs – they are the ones I go to if I need to get any replacement gemstones.  Very reasonably priced.

esotarot1     EsoTarot

Z. M. Wilmot is getting to grips with Tarot and Geomancy.

luckymojologosmall     Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

This is the shop to go to for all your Hoodoo needs.  They have an extensive catalogue of magical items.  They are also linked to AIRR, below.

AIRR-logo-140x140-transparent     AIRR: Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.

A non-profit membership organization of accredited professional Spiritual Practitioners, Readers, Diviners, Rootworkers, Hoodoo Doctors and Conjures offering free information and service referrals to the public.



Carpe Diem Therapy Centre

Carpe Diem offer a range of therapies from Aromatherapy to Shiatsu.  It is run by two very nice ladies, Liz and Amanda.


title2     Aaron Leitch

Aaron Leitch has been a scholar and spiritual seeker for over two decades.  His site gives many resources for those interested in mystical writings.




Steve Drury


Steve presents Mind and Magic Mystery entertainment (click on his name above) and also runs Inner Rapport (click on the logo) which blends hypnotherapy with meridian therapy techniques to help people create and achieve improved health, happiness and more success in their lives.