Weekly Reading

Run Over The Bridge

This week the geomes are conjunct meaning that the Active Transform is in the same house. Albus is in the 11th house (Taurus) conjunct Laetitia. The Taps showing Flow, combined with the sign and house therefore give a very clear message: use the ideas and inspiration you have and make […]

Threads Coming Together

Laetitia in the third house (Virgo) indicates that several threads from the past few weeks are now coming together. What was tangled now becomes harmonious and blended with other thoughts and actions. What was only considered previously now becomes more sure in the circumstances around you. Your thoughts clarify and […]

A Better Carrot

This is a very good week for capitalising on your feelings. Let your urge to create and express drive you into new areas of realising your goals. Puella in the second house (Leo) is well-placed to allow your thoughts and feelings full expression this week. This does not mean simply […]

Painting By Numbers

This week gives you the opportunity to make changes and to control things. Well, some things. And to a degree. Amissio in the second house (Leo) shows that your feelings — in fact your passions — will be driving what happens this week. The interesting thing is to consider when […]

A Wave Of Imagination

This is a time for turning your thoughts, your imagination and your wisdom into fruitful action for yourself. Albus in the ninth house (Aquarius) is very much concerned with the wisdom of your thoughts. Specifically, you will begin to see this week that your experience and lessons learned about the […]