Weekly Reading

Working With The Team

The message of the Casting this week is concerned with forward motion. Puer in the 12th house (Gemini) suggests that you have been struggling with your desire to communicate for some time. Why is that? My feeling is that it’s because whatever urge you have to connect with others has […]

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Checking The Plans

You’re dipping a toe in the water and finding out just how far you can go this week. Caput Draconis in the first house (Cancer) suggests that you’re going to be particularly inspired this week. This inspiration for your plans feels very dynamic. You’ll be bursting with ideas and you’ll […]

Showing The Way

There’s a strong combination of forces in Flow this week. Used well they will see you able to connect with others and help you get your message across. Via in the third house (Virgo) shows that at the moment you may be feeling a little emotionally sensitive. The reason for […]

Get Ready To Go

This week Flow is in a very tight circle of influence, rounding matters up and offering new direction and growth. Cauda Draconis in the third house (Leo) suggests that there is still some slight uncertainty or hesitation holding you back for some reason. This is a time of gathering things […]

Wave To The Shore

  You will find that your aspirations drive much of what you do this week. Think of this as a strong and powerful surging wave far out in the ocean. As this force approaches closer and closer to the shore the wave develops and grows in force, height and speed. […]