Weekly Reading

We’re Moving House

Because we are moving house I will not be posting a Casting for the next two weeks, that is 16th and 23rd June 2019. I plan to be back with you all on Sunday 30th June. Look forward to seeing you then!

Allow The Art

This week sees the opportunity for a transformation of your thoughts and feelings. Carcer in the seventh house (Scorpio) provides intensity and passion in you which is desperate to find a release. You know the way you want to go and the way you want to express yourself but something […]

Decision At The Top

This week sees you in a position to clarify and to take action in your work with others. Flow shows that this is an intense time — if you work with it. You can use the opportunities presented to you to make a lot of progress. Carcer in the seventh […]

Surprise Them

Is all this effort to get your ideas across worth it? It may seem hard going if you’ve been working at getting your ideas over for a long time. The key this week will be to make sure you channel your efforts in the right direction. That, at least, will […]

Are You Passionate Enough

Sometimes passion can be too strong. The message can get lost in the heat of your feeling. Rubeus in the 11th house (Pisces) shows that in some areas you may be pushing too hard. When that happens others may only see the push but not the reason for the push. […]

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