Here are some of the most significant articles published on the site.

Informative? ‘Yes’.

Brilliant? … ‘You decide’.

This is obviously a ‘Work in Progress’ so please check back frequently.



Geomantic Philosophy

Expanding Our Idea Of Earth – What do we mean by Earth and Gaia. Getting started with Astrogem Geomancy.

The Day I Stopped Being A Virgo – Changing how we view the zodiac in the geomantic chart, from Tropical to Sidereal dates.

Mark Your Place In Geomancy History! – Part 1 of your invitation to join the great Cause. Part 2 shows the current list of The 1600.


The Geomantic Way

On being more Thoughtful and Deliberate – The start of the journey.

3 Ways Geomancy Can Change Your Life – Beginning your spiritual journey; becoming grounded and connected.

Moving At The Speed Of Life – How fast do you live your life, and why we need to slow down.

Sunrise! The Journey Begins – The start of the Geomantic Cause: Bringing geomancy back into the mainstream.

Flow – what is it and how can you use it – What it is and how to start feeling it.


Seasonal and Natural World

Eclipse At The Equinox – And Changing Your Mind By Magic – A startling way to view and eclipse so that what you’re seeing hits home.

What A Geomancer Has For Yule Breakfast… (Or, ‘How To Make Yourself One With Everything’) – A new ‘ancient’ tradition in our home. I’m already thinking about my next ‘Just a sandwich and a coffee, thanks’ at Yule!

How Wolves Change Rivers – “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” – John Muir

Touching The Hair Of The Goddess – A tender interaction with Gaia, this was a very popular article.



The geomes – Dan gives us the Latin pronunciation (which helps show off our knowledge to the people we read for). Thanks, Dan!

Have You Got A ‘Geomantic Accent’? – Deciding which gemstones to use.

Clearing Negative Influences From A House – Using the geomes to diagnose the source of negativity, and a little known secret about a god.

Finding lost objects 1 – Finding your lost qualification certificates which you’ll need for your job interview. (Key learning: Ask a better question!)

Finding lost objects 2 – Finding that old CD player (caused by an attack of ‘I’ve suddenly-thought-might-be-useful-but-I-don’t-know-where-it-is-itis’.)





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