Monthly archives: March 2021

Simple Success Then Grow

Laetitia in the 4th house (Gemini) suggest that you want to clear your mental space. Clearing away unnecessary thoughts needs to be done before you will feel you can be more imaginative. Allowing turbulent waters to settle will help you find the solutions you’ve been looking for. It’s as though […]

Softer And Deeper

Happy Ostera / Spring Equinox (for yesterday) everyone! I performed my first Water Gifting ceremony and it felt wonderful doing it! This is a ceremony created with the help of all the Astrogemanti to help connect with nature and to affirm your commitment to nurturing life.   Puer in the […]

On Your Marks

Fortuna Minor in the 9th house (Scorpio) shows that you are putting a lot of energy into trying to realise your principles and philosophy. You want to do things for the right reasons and in the right way (of course). But there are times when you need to realise that […]

Aiming Higher

Puella in the 10th house (Sagittarius) gives us a feeling of grounding in our own thoughts. Specifically, it allows you to know that even your wildest imaginings are within your reach if you approach them in the right way. It is almost as if you can see the script and […]