Monthly archives: December 2020

Close The Oven Door

Happy New Solar Year, everyone! Well, we went out to witness ‘Last and First’ last week for the Winter Solstice. It will surprise nobody in the UK to know that the rain clouds hid the sun. That said, we were there to witness the moment of sunset and then, next […]

Dive Deep And Real

It seems appropriate this week to start with the Pars Draconii which is in the fourth house (Pisces). This suggest that thoughts of home and security may be holding you back—but only if you are treating these thoughts too lightly! There is much more depth and benefit to be had! […]

Setting A Limit

This week sees a very clear message from the Casting. Interestingly, it was the Rogue which clinched the final interpretation. Conjunctio in the first house (Scorpio) shows the need for you to be fleet of foot. Be nimble and quick. This is not the time to hang around! It is […]