Monthly archives: March 2020


We’re going to be Positive. Much of the planet is suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 virus in some way or another. It would therefore be silly not to recognise this within the approach to the Casting. Flow continues whether we are going about our daily work or stuck […]

The Magic Ingredient

Now, more than ever, we see how much we are joined by nature. We are joined by our humanity first and by our technology and philosophy afterwards. To those of you suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus I wish you a full and speedy recovery. To those who are […]

Getting Your Ducks In A Row

Rubeus in the second house (Aries) is likely to give a strong set of emotional impulses to Flow this week. Fortunately, these are in a trine aspect so, broadly, all is likely to work out well in the end. Trines need to be watched carefully, however. It is easy to […]

Plough Your Furrow

It is very clear that things will need to be done in a different way this week. Actually, this is current in Flow has probably been building for some time. Rubeus in the third house (Taurus) is a powerful placement. It is a completely unstoppable, determined and indefatigable force. In […]

Basking In The Warm Glow

Acquisitio in the sixth house (Cancer) is a marvellous indication of the warmth and grace that you bring to your work and interactions with others. It is almost as if you are the wellspring of goodness providing light and guidance to others. There is a nobility to your actions which […]