Monthly archives: January 2020

Another Path

Puer in the 12th house (Sagittarius) suggests that you will be feeling strong subconscious drives this week. Are these drives just to get your own way or because you believe passionately and wisely the way forward? If you just want your own way then the square aspect suggests that it […]

Growth Through Goodness

Fortuna Major in the seventh house (Cancer) shows that this is a time for friendly cooperation with others. It is a time when thoughts and plans can progress seemingly effortlessly. The trine aspect can make everything smoothly flowing. But it needs to be balanced with a mild cautionary note: just […]

Surf Is Rising

Amissio in the second house (Aquarius) shows that your thoughts and plans are likely to be very dear to you this week. So long as you don’t get too fired up you should be able to move things forward. The key is going to be to let your emotions drive […]

A Quick Idea Of What You’re Looking For

Tristitia in the ninth house (Leo) shows that this week is all about making a quick impact. You will find that you’ve already given matters enough thought to enable you to proceed. The key now is the need to practically apply your good ideas. Show how things need to be […]