Monthly archives: October 2019

Close The Oven Door

We went out on Friday to see if we could Touch the Hair of the Goddess. It involved leaping about in what were some very strong gusty conditions!           I mentioned it to Sam C in France when we got back. He went out immediately and […]

Thought Transplant

This week the major opportunity you will have will be to capitalise on Flow in your feelings and thoughts. Laetitia in the 10th house (Cancer) shows that you are trying to consolidate your current position. Maybe things have been working out for you and you want to make sure of […]

Take A Run At It

  This week we see a very energising Flow after the culmination of circumstances last week. Puer in the fifth house (Aquarius) indicates a particular vigour which can be brought to your interactions with others. Perhaps you, or they, have been a little standoffish of late. If that is the […]

Sharpening The Knife

This week sees the same geome appearing twice in the Casting. In this sequence it shows the ending of the current cycle so matters should be coming to some kind of head or resolution this week. If you are in Flow then it is a great time to realise — […]