Monthly archives: September 2019

Keep Yourself Safe

The first person to send me a photo of ‘Touching the Hair of the Goddess’ was EP (Connecticut, USA), one of the 1600 Geomancers. Well done that man! He beat me to it. The wet weather here in the UK may be keeping the leaves on the trees a little […]

Stirring The Fire

Get ready to touch again… It’s been a long, hot summer again here in the UK. Although they have not lost much of their colour some of the leaves on the trees are already starting to fall. When the winds pick up, as they surely will, it will be time […]

Looking For Cracks

Hints and suggestions are likely to occur to you this week. Be ready to make the most of them. There are some unusual correspondences, too, this week: The second geome is in the traditional house of the first geome; the Pars falls in the traditional house of the Ascendant’s sign […]

Step Up To The Bigger Game

This week we see some heavyweight geomes stirring up Flow to create a ‘put up or shut up’ environment. Albus in the fifth house (Sagittarius) shows that you need to exercise discretion in your actions. Specifically, there are likely to be many temptations distracting you from the path that you […]

Test What Works

This week we see another trine aspect in the Casting, meaning that the geomes and Active Transform will all be in the same elemental signs, in this case, Earth signs. This means that you will be able to find and impose a practical and determined nature to your plans and […]