Monthly archives: August 2019

Softly Inside

Amissio in the fourth house (Scorpio) is going to be bringing a lot of emotional intensity to you at the start of the week. You will also be looking to balance matters around you, particularly at home. The overall Flow of the Casting shows that your focus is likely to […]

Inching Towards It

This week you need to be guided by your uncanny insight into what needs to be done. Tristitia in the eighth house (Pisces) can sometimes be a somewhat nervous or hesitant combination. In this case however the trine aspect brings out all the positive relationships. Brilliance, intuition and quickly moving […]

Show You Care

Again Albus and again Cauda Draconis! It’s all about thought, ideas and communication this week. Because the geomes are in a trine aspect all the resident houses are Air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. The geomes clarify this message by showing you need to practise your thoughts. That means you […]

Run Over The Bridge

This week the geomes are conjunct meaning that the Active Transform is in the same house. Albus is in the 11th house (Taurus) conjunct Laetitia. The Taps showing Flow, combined with the sign and house therefore give a very clear message: use the ideas and inspiration you have and make […]