Yearly archives: 2019

Painting By Numbers

This week gives you the opportunity to make changes and to control things. Well, some things. And to a degree. Amissio in the second house (Leo) shows that your feelings — in fact your passions — will be driving what happens this week. The interesting thing is to consider when […]

A Wave Of Imagination

This is a time for turning your thoughts, your imagination and your wisdom into fruitful action for yourself. Albus in the ninth house (Aquarius) is very much concerned with the wisdom of your thoughts. Specifically, you will begin to see this week that your experience and lessons learned about the […]

Shrewd Player

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes for our house move. As you can see from this post, the Command Centre for Astrogem is now up and running again, even if I am having to navigate packing boxes by unwinding a piece of string. I keep hearing noises of […]

We’re Moving House

Because we are moving house I will not be posting a Casting for the next two weeks, that is 16th and 23rd June 2019. I plan to be back with you all on Sunday 30th June. Look forward to seeing you then!

Allow The Art

This week sees the opportunity for a transformation of your thoughts and feelings. Carcer in the seventh house (Scorpio) provides intensity and passion in you which is desperate to find a release. You know the way you want to go and the way you want to express yourself but something […]