Monthly archives: March 2017

Practical Intuition

  Some powerful forces are lining up this week. The New Moon is cast conjunct to the Sun in a powerful and far-reaching display. This gives the Active Transform in the same house and the strong influence of the Pars in the first house. Conjunctions are always interesting and with […]

Resources Reconsidered

There are several reasons why someone might call you crazy. But surely one of the most likely is when you claim you are going to do some time-travelling. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing this week. Here’s how: Next week in the UK the clocks will go […]

Thinking By Doing

  Thank you to all those who contacted me last week to say how the Casting aligned with your life at the moment. (One of my usual website readers called and mentioned some of the problems she had last week. Unfortunately, she had not had the opportunity to read the […]

Living Up To Expectations

  A quick look at the geomes shows that Flow is continuing on last week’s theme. Now however the focus is going to be on results! The general principle is going to be of examination: Examining what you’ve got, examining what might be and dealing with the difference between the […]