Monthly archives: December 2016

A Christmas Break

Today is Christmas day so I’m taking a little break from the usual Casting today. Instead I want to share a video with you — and about you. It’s about the introduction of wolves back into Yellowstone park and the influence it has had on the area. (But there’s more […]

A New Direction (Off To The Side)

  Sometimes it feels like you’re running on your reserve tank. Puer in the ninth house (Leo) suggests that this is one of those times. Perhaps it’s the run-up to the holiday break. Maybe it’s ‘everything else’ that is going on in the world at the moment. It could be […]

The Second Way To Do It

  Via in the seventh house (Gemini) brings the opportunity to work with others in a new way this week. The indications are that this will indeed be something new. Perhaps this will be a new relationship, perhaps a new team, there may be a new way to communicate. With […]

Skating On Thin Ice

  You are likely to have some very creative thoughts this week. And Amissio in the fifth house (Pisces) will give you a lot of opportunity to show off your ideas. You will likely feel inspired by your own thoughts and you will likely be mixing with people who will […]