Monthly archives: October 2016

Remembering The Goal Of The Plans

  This week is likely to be a time of great focusing. But it won’t seem that way to start with. Amissio in the seventh house (Aries) shows that, at the moment, you and all around you are feeling a love of interacting with others. This applies particularly when it […]

The Mist Begins To Clear

  You are likely to find more energy and more clarity this week. Puer in the third house (Sagittarius) is likely to bring a swelling of physical energy which lets you think almost anything is possible! Odd things keep falling into place: finding things; things people say; events turning out […]

Inspired By Your Sincere Aspirations

  There are some complex eddies and currents in the Flow this week. Albus in the seventh house (Aries) shows that at the moment everything is focused on what you do. Let’s say that again with the correct emphasis: everything is focused on what you do. This is all because […]

Straining On The Leash

  This week sees Cauda Draconis in the eighth house (Aries) giving a feeling that we desperately want to break free of the old order. This comes with a health warning however. You will need to take care that you’re not trying to make changes too quickly. At the moment […]

Seize Your Focus And Authority Will Follow

  This week we can see a stark message in the Flow of events in our life. Amissio is both the first and second geome of the Casting and they are conjunct in the fifth house (Capricorn). This means that the Active Transform will also be in the fifth house… […]