Monthly archives: August 2016

Complete Your Goals And Empower New Possibilities

  This week provides the treat for those tuned in to the Flow. By not only feeling what is happening but also in seeing the patterns you should be able to see Flow being manifest around you… Flow presents us with a delicious set of contrasts this week. It shows […]

Focus Your Best Care And Approach To Others

  This week’s Casting shows a very interesting progression in the Flow. Looking at this from a purely astrological point of view we would see only the conjunction of the geomes in the seventh house. In doing a geomantic casting, however, the order in which we draw out the geomes […]

Know You Can Shatter The Glass Of Chance

  It seems that both Laetitia and the fourth house continue to affect Flow strongly this week. This indicates that external influences will continue to probe your core beliefs and direction. You may also find that you feel in a bit of a battle between the external world and your […]

Finding Your Stamina In The Whipping Winds

  Today is Lughnasadh, the first day of Autumn. It’s one of the eight solar festivals of the year. It’s the festival of first fruits. The first harvest. The time of the corn dolly…     We’ll be celebrating today with fresh home-made bread, cheese, the first ripe tomato from […]