Monthly archives: July 2016

To Break Free Of The Mud Start Running

  Oh, what a lot of fuss! Puer in the fourth house (Libra) could indicate some disturbances at home this week. For some this will be an active male influence which could be unsettling. For the majority, however, this is simply likely to be an active, energetic, influence bordering on […]

Never Refuse Jewels In A Plain Chalice

  Prepare yourself. If you are in Flow then later this week you are likely to be shaking your head with a wry smile, thinking back to this Casting, both knowing and determined where you’re going next… The start of this week sees the first geome, Puer, in the second […]

The Fruits Of Your Hard Struggle For Growth 1

  Tell me, what colour is it? … What? Bear with me. When you know the answer — for sure — don’t tell anyone how you know… When you are in Flow, you know. Populus in the seventh house (Capricorn) at the start of this week shows that your business […]

The Genius Of The Unexpected Masterpiece

  You’re clever, you’re dreamy, you’ve kind of got it all figured out. Oh yeah? This week holds a nice surprise. Specifically, an unexpected surprise. Now you know how some surprises are not really surprises… getting something you’ve always wanted for your birthday, some CDs by your favourite singer/musician, a […]