Monthly archives: June 2016

It’s Behind You — Let The Mammoth Run Free

  It’s the Summer Solstice tomorrow, so with this festival of the peak and turning of the year it is a very good time to make a change… The impulse for change comes from deep within this week and it’s set to burst forth! Rubeus in the 12th house (Taurus) […]

They May Start It, But You’ll Finish It

  The week is likely to start all sweetness and light but change is underway. Amissio in the fifth house (Libra) would normally be associated with loss of some kind. However, the Flow to Cauda Draconis in the sixth house (Scorpio) shows more of a controlled focus of events this […]

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If You Are Feeling Restless This Is Why 4

  Astrogem geomancy is used by those of us who are, and who want to be, in tune with life and with what is going on in the world around them. We want to find a way to express our uniqueness in the world. This week’s casting shows that it […]