Monthly archives: May 2016

Crystallise Into Personal Action

  New and far-reaching ideas should be washing through you this week. Caput Draconis in the ninth house (Capricorn) suggests that either you have been searching and refining your own ideas or that you will simply find a good source of inspiration this week. Whichever it is you will find […]

Keep Asking And See Who Wants To Dance

  This week sees an up-swelling of your desire to get your message ‘out there’. Puella in the 12th house (Aries) indicates that you are likely to feel this first as a restless urge to want to connect with others. You may feel that you don’t know exactly what you […]

Have You Got The Strength To Share?

  There are deep and powerful tides flowing through you this week. Rubeus in the 10th house (Aquarius) suggests that you are currently seeking outward growth from deep within you. This is strong stuff and with the Flow from the single Tap at Level 2 to double Taps in the […]

Bringing Out An Old Skill 2

  This week sees you surrounded by an up-welling of ideas and connections. In the widest sense possible you will be seeing and feeling connections with others. It’s as though you are plugged in to some kind of universal well-being generator! The feelings of benign goodwill will be swirling all […]

Believe In Someone Special 2

I had to get up earlier than usual today. Half-past three on a bank holiday Sunday. It had to be done. I took the family to see the Morris men dancing up of the Sun. (We do this voluntarily, not at gunpoint). The Morris men do this every May Day […]