Monthly archives: November 2013

A High Tide Geomantic Holiday

At high tide things get quiet in a noisy kind of way. The waves have been getting higher and stronger in your life for a little while now.  But the tide is about to change.  There will be a moment at the peak of the tide when waves are sloshing […]

Slowing Down To A Crawl, It’s Time To Change The Rules

It should be fairly obvious by now that some of your thinking is crawling along.  Actually it is more like a geomantic whirlpool! Carcer in the first house gives added weight to your outlook certainly and you have been considering deep and meaningful events and people recently.  And while these […]

A Change Of Mind Comes In From The Side

The first thing I will note about this reading is that in taking out the second gemstone a third made its presence felt and I couldn’t choose between them at first. On using my feelings as a guide I was able to decide which was the second geome and which […]

The Day I Stopped Being A Virgo 6

Photo credit: kladcat (Flickr) Yesterday I realised that I could no longer be a Virgo. I’ve been a Virgo all my life, but yesterday I saw something that changed my mind – and my assumptions – forever. It all started with a comet, so let me tell you a story. […]

Pick Your Fights, Or The Fights Will Pick You

‘Pick’ is a very significant word this week. ‘Pick’, ‘picked’, ‘picky’. . . you name it they’re all in here. The first geome drawn is Tristitia in the fifth house (Pisces). Tristitia is associated with sudden and unexpected changes and also with an undercurrent which is decidedly cool and aloof. This […]