Monthly archives: August 2013

A Fundamental Shift

A fundamental shift or a shift in fundamentals? They are not the same thing.  A fundamental shift takes everything you know and everything that you are and moves it lock, stock and barrel to a new place. A shift in the fundamentals, however, can be anything from a change of […]

How To Make A Cup Of Tea And Keep Sane

What is worse than having to making up a brew because nobody else seems to want to volunteer? You know what it’s like – it’s supposed to be a shared responsibility. Everyone is supposed to take turns. You get fed-up of waiting and, out of the goodness of your heart […]

Will You Lead The Dance?

The Flow could take you either way this week.  It does not play favorites.  Will you lead or will you be led. . . Think of swimming in the sea of life. We can think of the Flow as being ‘the mood’ of the ocean. Are you swimming with the […]

What To Do When Everyone Agrees With You

It’s great that people finally seem to understand what you want to do.  You will get some of the confirmation you need that you’re on the right track. But there are two things you must do to keep everyone happy. . . This week sees the Flow going very much […]