Monthly archives: July 2013

How To Stop Your Life From Going In Circles

If you feel you are going round in circles this week then here’s how to break free This week shows a very unusual casting with both aspects of the Moon conjunct in the house of relationships with others. This gives a very clear indication that relationships are, or should be, […]

Astrogem Geomancy Royal Baby Horoscope Chart Prediction Character

Full-Gemstone Geomantic Chart For New Baby Prince 2

The People’s King in the making —  Privately torn, publicly loved  — First of all I wish their Royal Highnesses my warmest congratulations on the birth of their son. Several people have asked to see a geomantic chart for the baby. Here is the order of the geomes and their […]

Clearing Negative Influences From A House

In this post I’ll show you how to get rid of negative influences from a house, discover a different way to apply the same principles and reveal a little-known secret about a God. (If you’re looking for this week’s Geomantic Horoscope just click HERE.) One of my students recently asked me about House Clearance and whether geomancy could be used […]

Ignore Success And Look For Insecurity Instead

How to avoid the slippery slope that will keep you from your dreams. This week will see you making breakthroughs after a long period of work. Great!  But there lies the problem. If you focus on those results, relax and start patting yourself on the back you are likely to […]