Monthly archives: March 2013

Where To Find The Best Rock Music Albums 1

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 1st April 2013 The casting drew a double geome today!  When I’d drawn out the first gemstone I noted it and its house, returned it to the gemstone bag and mixed up the gemstones again.  The second drawing gave me exactly the same gemstone. […]

Sunrise! The Journey Begins 1

Today I am making a commitment. I have a cause, a reason and a journey. The Cause:  To get Geomancy back as a mainstream Oracle. The Reason:  Because it can help people to shape their fate and change their world – uniquely, thoughtfully and deliberately. The Journey:  I am embarking on […]

What to do with a gift from a King

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 25th March 2013 Caput Draconis in the twelfth (Pisces) is in opposition to Carcer in the sixth (Virgo) in an Expanding pattern. Geomantic Divination This is a time when you will be surrounded by an unusually large flow of inspiration from outside.  This won’t […]

Finding lost objects 2

So here we are with another opportunity for geomancy to provide us with inspiration.  This time my wife and I wanted to find a lost portable CD player so that my mother-in-law could listen to a sleep CD. . . Of course, we’d looked in all the usual and obvious […]

What to do with slow learners

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 18th March 2013 Fortuna Major in the sixth house (Leo) is sextile to Puer in the eighth house (Libra) in a Contracting flow. Geomantic Divination This week sees an interesting development in the geomantic flow.  The influence of Fortuna Major in the sixth points […]